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Fri. May 20th, 2022

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What’s good about Amazon’s Fire TV Stick?

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Are you obsessed with true crime? Can’t get enough gritty period dramas? A fan of all things anime? Whatever you’re into, there are plenty of ways to watch your favorite content, from folding phones to smart TVs. We know a lot of you like to use Amazon’s diminutive Fire TV Stick (which now comes with an Alexa remote and IMDB’s Freedive movie service), and we’re curious to find out why.

If you own the Fire TV Stick, why did you pick it over a Roku or Chromecast? How well does the Alexa voice remote work for you? Are you controlling any smart home gadgets with it? Is there anything you find annoying? Tell us all the ins and outs of this slim streaming device on our Fire TV product page! We haven’t reviewed this product ourselves, so your input is invaluable in helping other readers make their buying decisions. Remember — excellent reviews get included in upcoming user review roundup articles, so don’t leave out any details!




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