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Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

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U.S. Disney Plus Channel has successfully made more than 2 million subscribers even before launching

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  • Analytics Company Jumpshot revealed new Disney Pus Channel has made more than 1.9 million subscribers in U.S before its launch which is scheduled on Tuesday.
  • According to Jumpshot, 34% of those subscribers also use another streaming service.
  • Disney is offering many deals to attract new customers like giving Verizon Wireless Unlimited for free to its customers or to new 5G Internet customers or to Internet customers of Fios Home


Disney is launching its Disney Plus Channel on Tuesday.


Those data which was given to Business Insider by Analytics Company Jumpshot was actually calculated by counting the numbers of mobile web or desktop users who subscribed. And this data shows that in U.S Disney has made around 1.9 million subscribers as in pre-order.


Disney Plus prelaunch subscription has reached to its peak as it made around 100,000 subscriptions just on Sunday.



This chart shows the number of Disney Plus subscribers by day in the months leading up to the service’s launch. Jumpshot

Jumpshot claims that almost 34% of newly subscribers are actually using other streaming services too.


Disney is marketing its channel by giving many good deals to new subscribers.


Disney offered three year subscription plan to the members of D23 which is its official fan club in August. This offer was pricing $141 for three years in which monthly subscription would be cost around less than $4 a month however Disney actual charges for month in $6.99 and yearly charger are 69.99%.


This chart shows that subscription numbers increased at the time of offers.


According to Hollywood Reporters, Disney is planning to have about 60 to 90 million global subscribers by 2024. On the other hand Netflix global subscribers are almost 158 million.


Source: Business Insider

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