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Tulsi Gabbard qualifies for November presidential debate, defying predictions

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American politician, Tulsi Gabbard who is serving as Hawaii Representative for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district has now capable to participate in November presidential debate. She has challenged all those predictions that this would be her final participation in national debate which was given in past month in Westerville, Ohio debate.


Fifth debate authorized by Democratic National Committee will be held on 20th of November for which ten candidates have been selected.


Early poll result from Quinnipiac University showed that Gabbard gained 3% votes in lowa poll so now she has got minimum 3% in four polls in national surveys, in which she is now capable to take debate according to the DNC requirements. She has to qualify within a week.


Last month Gabbard’s performance in debate for presidential campaign was very poor. When Gabbard was clashing with Hillary Clinton, she was remarked by Mrs. Clinton that Gabbard is actually a Russian asset and now it looks that that remark made this possible to Gabbard to come back in the game.


On 24th Oct, Gabbard declared that she would not be looking for reelection for her house seat in next year. She claimed that she would focus on presidential campaign. Real Clear Politics showed the Gabbard’s average polling which is 1.6% and now she is taking better result from early voting states.


Source: Honolulu Star-Advertiser

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