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Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

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Tom Brady diving off a cliff with her young daughter

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FOXBOROUGH, MA - AUGUST 1: New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady spends some time with his daughter, Vivian, 5, after Patriots training camp at the Gillette Stadium practice facility in Foxborough, MA on Aug. 1, 2018. (Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Over the weekend, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady became either father of the year, or the dad who really ought to know best.

Coming off his sixth Super Bowl championship last season, Brady posted a vacation video on Instagram showing him and his 6-year-old daughter, Vivian, diving off a small cliff in Costa Rica to a pool below.

The legend, who will be 42 in August and is entering his 20th year in the NFL, captioned the post: “If Vivi is going to be an Olympic champion one day, it probably won’t be in synchronized diving. Daddy always gives her a 10 though! 🏅🏅🏅”

The stunt caused in plenty of extreme reactions online.

“You KNOW I have complete faith in you as a man, friend, player and father – but this just gave me anxiety. Geeezus,’’ wrote movie star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Surfer Kelly Slater asked, “That shoulder ok?” while posting a nervous emoji.

Mediate reported how his haters had a field day doing what they love: hating.

[email protected]_mr5706 wrote on Twitter: “Tom Brady acted irresponsible and immature when he had his 6 yr old daughter jump off a cliff into the water with him in Costa Rica. He endangered the welfare of a minor and child protective custody should investigate this immediately.”

Whoops! We couldn’t access this Tweet.

Other fans on Instagram told everyone to chill.

gina.l26 was in the latter camp with her post: “People are so soft and cry about everything! They’re having a great time!”

josh.s.murphy said: “This is so annoying that people are freaking out abt this like it’s maybe a 20 foot jump. Damn snowflakes”

Brady and his daughter landed safely in the water, by the way.


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