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‘The Masked Singer’ secret character Thingamajig is exposed now

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  • It’s now time to disclose the name of the person behind Thingamajig.
  • [spoiler alert] We believe Wayne Brady to be the Thingamajig.


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Jenny McCarthy yells, “I know who it is!” about Thingamajig in the 2nd promo of The Masked Singer.


Wayne Brady is our first guess and we’re quite confident about it. That melodious voice which sounds like Broadway star and many other clues tend us to believe in our prediction.

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Let’s start with Thingamajig’s performance of “Rainbow” by Kacey Musgraves in the promo. It brought Nicole Scherzinger to tears and absolutely shocked the rest of the judges … but it only made us remember Wayne’s talent as a singer. He might be best known for Whose Line Is It Anyway? or Let’s Make a Deal, but you might recall that he has starred in Kinky Boots on Broadway and filled in as Aaron Burr for Chicago’s Hamilton production.


That “Rainbow” performance in Thingamajig by “Rainbow” by Kacey Musgraves in the promo brings Nicole Scherzinger to tear and makes other judges surprised too. These things reminds us Wayne’s talent as a singer where his greatest singles like Whose Line Is It Anyway? Or Let’s Make a Deal  can’t be forgotten. Do you remember Wayne once also starred  in Kinky Boots on Broadway and filled in as Aaron Burr for Chicago’s Hamilton production?

In a nutshell, Wayne’s knows how to act by giving his great performances.

Let’s look this story from the other way, Thingamajig looks like a huge fan of stripes and we know Wayne usually like it. We consider it can be rhyme to legendary TV host Monty Hall which reflects his personality as he used to wear striped suit jackets in front of the camera, back in the Let’s Make a Deal series with Wayne.

Image result for lets make a deal

That double-breasted jacket also looks as another evidence of Wayne’s Aaron Burr costume which he used to call it as “best coat I’ve ever owned.”

Whereas that yellow pant leg is also noteworthy. As we know Wayne was a host of Let’s Make a Deal and ripped his pants while doing a few burpees on stage. And that pant color was yellow too, it can’t be just coincidence.

And we know, Wayne’s has been sighted wearing glasses many times.


Thingamajig’s blue hands and feet also make us to think about Wayne where we witnessed his character Blue in the 2014 animated movie The Hero of Color City. Wayne was really like Thingamajig in that movie.

Image result for the hero of color city

At first Wayne was assumed to be a monster which later revealed that T-Pain was in actual. Wayne was given many messages that he took to Instagram to reveal the truth:

“Not the Monster,” he wrote. “Seriously … But, the Monster is dope and that’s a compliment.”


However Wayne denied to appear as t the hosts of The Real as he’s not interested doing The Masked Singer. Nonetheless we are still sure he is there.

Not a Monster but Wayne is a Thingamajig for sure.

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