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Spox blasts UNGA resolution on human rights in Iran

2 min read

Mousavi made the remarks in reaction to the United Nations General Assembly third committee’s approval of resolution on human rights in Iran, adding that the resolution indicates hypocrisy of its sponsors and therefore it lacks legitimacy and credibility.

What have the criminals of the current era who are also supporters of the resolution and did all they could–from child killing to dismembering critics and exercising economic terrorism against free and independent nations—have to do with human rights?, he asked

“The governments which have a long history in systematic violation of human rights and all people across the world have bitter experience from their interference in their minds and even today they are victims of their endless and occupying wars of their allies are in no position to have human rights recommendations on human rights to the Iranian nation and government,” he said.

Describing the resolution as unilateral and unrealistic, Mousavi said that the resolution is raised at a time when one of the major supporters of it, the US, is breaching the most basic rights of over 83 million Iranian citizens, especially women and children and elderly and the sick.

Occupying and child killing Zionist regime and regional reactionary regimes’ backing of the resolution while their hands are tainted with blood of the Palestinian and Yemeni innocent people and local critics is a sufficient reason for illegitimacy of the resolution, Mousavi said, noting that Iran condemns instrumental and political use of human rights by the western states against independent countries and regrets the fact that UN’s mechanisms are abused.

United Nations General Assembly’s Third Committee approved draft of a resolution proposed by Canada by which Iran’s human rights dossier will remain open for another year.

Canada’s government sponsors a resolution against Iran each year, the content and allies of which reveals political aims to pressure Iran. The US and Zionist regime are among supporters of the resolution.



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