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Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

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Samsung will hold its Unpacked event virtually on August 5th

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Samsung may very well have been the last major tech company to hold a large event before the world began to lockdown, but it’s not taking any chances with its next big show. The company just announced it will be holding Unpacked 2020 on August 5th at 10am ET virtually, so expect all the Galaxy Note 20 rumors to be confirmed (or proven wrong) then. You’ll be able to watch the livestream on Samsung’s website and likely also its Facebook page, based on the company’s past habits.

Although Samsung hasn’t confirmed it, we’re all but certain to see the Galaxy Note 20 unveiled then. Based on the company’s own (probably accidental) spoilers and a drop of paint in the invite video below, there appears to be a Mystic Gold version of a Note 20 Ultra in the works. Like this year’s S20 Ultra, the souped up Note may come with an advanced camera system with a Space Zoom feature.

We’re also expecting to see Samsung continue to improve its S Pen, which is the hallmark of the Note line. There’s a lot we don’t yet know about the upcoming flagships, as well as what other devices might be announced beyond a note that this event will feature “our latest ecosystem of Galaxy devices designed to empower your life.” The good news, dear Samsung fans, is there’s barely a month left to wait.



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