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Rutger Hauer dies at aged 75

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Rutger Hauer, was 75 years old, a Dutch actor who fought Harrison Ford in the sci-fi classic Blade Runner and excelled in the roles of villian, died on July 19 after a short-term illness, his agent Steve Kenis told.

A charity for AIDS in which the actor contributed, the Rutger Hauer Starfish Foundation, said he died calmly at his home in the Netherlands. The charity said his wife, Ineke, will continue his work.

He became famous to the American public with Blade Runner, who presented him in a role of a murderous, or copying, fake human named Roy Batty.

Hauer’s final speech, in which the character talks about all the things he has seen, is especially memorable. About working with director Ridley Scott, the actor later said: “I understood, on a very strong level, what I wanted, and instinctively I gave it to him.”

The tall, blue-eyed actor often seemed in period productions, later playing a gentleman alongside Michelle Pfeiffer in the movie Ladyhawke , and a rogue villain in the medieval drama Flesh + Blood .

In his last years, the actor performed flawlessly between movies and television, as well as a role in the HBO vampire drama “True Blood.”

“An intense, deep, genuine and magnetic actor who brought truth, power and beauty to his films,” on Twitter, director Guillermo Del Toro beautifully described Hauer.

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