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Fri. May 20th, 2022

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Roger Federer advances to Wimbledon quarter-finals

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Roger federer reached the quarter-final of 2019 Wimbledon after dominating Matteo Berrettini in straight sets on Monday. Federer wins the first set against the 17th seed, winning 6-1, and then winning with 6-2 score lines in second and third sets.

The eight-time winner will now meet either Kei Nishikori in the last eight. Federer, who posted a 99th victory on the grass of Wimbledon, also remains on course to face familiar opponent Rafael Nadal in the semi-final.

There was no wasted motion from Federer as he set about dismantling Berrettini from the off.

While his own serve-and-volley game was on point, the 37-year-old brutally dissected the Berrettini serve, winning six of seven break points. Proving there is still plenty of life in his veteran legs; Federer was also energetic at the net as he won 19 points from 26.

The one-sided nature of the match continued in the second set when Berrettini still struggled to manage with Federer’s move skills or match his power.

It didn’t matter whether Federer played by his forehand or backhand. Whichever shot he chose easily ruined Berrettini’s crumbling defenses.

While the Italian is a talented player, Federer had no intention to lose as he sprinted toward a 351st win at Grand Slam level. After roaring his way through the second set, the Swiss master sealed the third on serve.

This was a brilliant performance from a player showing no signs of slowing down. Federer’s defenses were strong, with Berrettini limited to just 14 winners, while the victor was responsible of a mere five unforced fault.

This level of competence linked with a game based on keeping opponents on the back foot means Federer is still as strong a candidate as Nadal or top seed Novak Djokovic to enjoy yet another triumph at SW19.

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