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Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

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Palestinians report: Gaza and Israel reached ceasefire as violence ebbs

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Gaza fired more than 400 rockets and missiles killed four civilians in Israel and retaliatory Israeli strikes killed 19 Palestinians as cross border violence escalated.


Palestinian officials reported that Egypt had mediated a truce early on Monday, a deadly surge in the Gaza Strip and southern Israel petered out overnight.

Gaza fired rockets and missiles killed four civilians in Israel, and Israeli strikes killed 19 Palestinians, more than half of them civilians.

A TV station belonging to Hamas, Gaza’s Islamist rulers, said a ceasefire had been reached at 0430 a.m. (0130 GMT), outwardly stopping the violence from extending into a clash which neither side seemed strong on fighting.


Israel’s military said that more than 600 rockets and other projectiles – over 150 of them seized by its Iron Dome anti-missile system.

The United Nations and Egypt, had been trying to arbitrate a cease-fire between Israel and Gaza, who have served as brokers in the past,

According to the Israeli military, the violence began two days ago when a shooter from the Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad fired at Israeli troops.

The aftermath of an Israeli airstrike that killed Ahmad Hamed Al-Khudary in Gaza City on Sunday.


Islamic Jihad blamed Israel of postponing execution of earlier understandings brokered by Egypt in an effort to end violence and ease blockaded Gaza’s economic hardship.

This time, Israeli strategic affairs analysts said, both Islamic Jihad and Hamas militants appeared to believe they had some leverage to press for concessions from Israel, where Independence Day celebrations begin on Wednesday.

Some 2 million Palestinians live in Gaza, the economy of which has suffered years of Israeli and Egyptian blockades as well as recent foreign aid cuts and sanctions by the Palestinian Authority, Hamas’ West Bank-based rival.

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