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Tue. May 17th, 2022

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OnePlus will disable a filter that lets the 8 Pro see through some materials

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OnePlus has started rolling out a software update that temporarily disables the 8 Pro’s controversial Color Filter camera function. In an announcement posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo, the manufacturer said it noticed that the camera may “cause a subtle see-through effect” when it’s in very close proximity to specific materials.

The phone’s Color Filter camera has a filter called Photochrom that uses the phone’s infrared sensors to give a specific effect. Users found that the feature could see through thin or tinted plastic, particularly electronic cases or materials that need to be able to absorb infrared. However, some claimed that it could even see through clothes.

Gizmodo UK tested the feature and found that it could only see electronic components inside devices in specific cases. It worked pretty well in showing what’s inside an Apple TV, but it couldn’t show what’s inside most phones, laptops and mice. And, yes, it didn’t make clothes see-through. Ben Geskin, who reported about the software update, also said that it didn’t see through any of the clothes they tested.


OnePlus’ statement continued that it has “always placed user privacy at the highest level.” That’s why, “in order to eliminate all possible inconveniences caused to user privacy under extreme conditions,” it has “decided to temporarily disable this filter camera function through a software update.” It will be done pushing the update to its users within a week.


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