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On Monday Night Football the Cleveland Browns win over New York Jet

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The Cleveland Browns helped lead his team to 23-3 victory over New York Jets and after that he was giving press conference of his post-game at Monday night.

“Didn’t consider Beckham to be a dynamic player”. Williams said.

On Monday night Odell Beckham Jr had an 89-yard touchdown and a beautiful single-handed grab in his return to MetLife Stadium, and Baker Mayfield and the Browns as many to beat the banged-up.

The moto of Cleveland is “Work hard, play hard”. Cleveland Browns not only display his skills on the field, they enjoy while doing it. Cleveland Browns proof that in Monday night’s defeat the New York Jets. The parody series released by the Cleveland with the latest addition, and this time six special players dancing to the iconic opening of “Friends”. Parody includes Bitonio having water fights and dancing skills.

Reason of Brown won:

The biggest reason is 161 receiving yards,89-yard score and single-handed grab. Baker Mayfield and Co. weren’t at their most keen; Beckham came up enormous to kick off the offense.

Reason of New York Jets lost:

They smell. In actuality, the Jets came into Monday’s prime-time issue with the chances effectively stacked against them in view of Sam Darnold’s mono-energized absence. Williams’s barrier had some hard hits and mistaken Mayfield for stretches, yet this group was generally dead.


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