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Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

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Motorola flip phone ‘Razr’ is back again in market

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This Wednesday on Twitter, one of the biggest mobile company Motorola announced their new smartphone would be having fold able design like we used to have in the past. Motorola shared the video of new device with the caption “You’re gonna flip” and that video reached to 800,000 number of viewers.

It looks that company wants to remind us the old era where phones were usually in fold able designs but this time there’s the big difference as new Motorola Razr will introduce all new features like an iPhone but phone body would be fold able.


In precisely, the new Motorola device would be foldable like 2004’s devices but this time that mini screen would be replaced by 6.2 inches screen and the device will be running on Android 9 Pie platform.


The new phone will cost around $1.5K however this price is predicted and official price is soon to be announced in January. Customers of US can pre-order this device from 26th of December and they could buy it from Verizon.



Motorola share musical teaser as “they don’t make ’em like me no more.”


People are giving mix reviews, fans are much excited to revive the memories whereas others don’t get the point to have that old design in today’s world where things are changing in much fast pace.

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