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Mother of Botham Jeans, Alison gives evidence during sentences :’I cannot Sleep. I cannot Eat’

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The Mother of Botham Shem Jean, Allison Jean was the accomplishment’s first witness in the penalizing stage of the Amber Guyger murder case, which start a few hours after the judgement.

“My life has not been the same… like a roller coaster. I cannot sleep. I cannot eat. It’s just been the most terrible time for me,” said Allison. “I’ve been sick often. But I must try to keep the family together, because everyone is in pain.” Alison jean spoke about how her son’s brutal death has affected her life.

Alison Jean wearing Botham’s favorite color red from head-to-toe, Alison remembered  the time Botham surprised her for Mother Day in Saint Lucia.

She said emotionally, “He surprised me. I heard his voice. I thought I was dreaming. He came all the way from Arkansas to Saint Lucia to surprise me.”

Allison Jean told the judges about her son’s life; a life devotes to helping others through music and mission work. She said ,“We have a simple life; one of faith. That’s how we raised our children.”

Botham was born 10 years after his older sister, Allisa Findley, and 10 years before his younger brother, Brandt Jean.

Alison said, she is “very concerned ” about Brandt Jean(Brother of Botham Jean) since Botham’s murder at the hands of Amber Guyger.

Allison Said. “Botham was my middle child. I always referred to him as the glue between my three kids. ”I wanted him to study in the West Indies, but he was always a headstrong child.”

Botham Jean Base.

At the point when gotten some information about how old Botham would have turned on his last birthday, Allison’s final words to the court were an adjustment.

The lawyer said Botham committed 27 years to serving his family, network and confidence.

Allison answered, “No, actually 26 years. He died a few days before he would have turned 27.”

Prosecutor  intend to enter Guyger’s Dallas Police Department work force record which incorporates infringement for unfavorable lead and her online networking accounts, which incorporated some questionable images that were posted.

On September 5,Allison Jean last spoke to Botham, the night before he died.

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