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Microsoft’s new Xbox UI is already available on Xbox One

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We’re still almost a month away from the Xbox Series X and Series S going on sale, but their software experience has arrived on the Xbox One. In August Microsoft revealed its unified Xbox UI that would stretch across mobile apps, PC and consoles, and now it has rolled out on the Xbox One in the October update.

On Xbox One, there’s a refreshed look and feel, with rounded corners and newly stylized icons all over. It follows the updated Xbox Store that’s faster and easier to use — and finally allows users to turn off annoying autoplaying videos — with tweaks that should make your gaming smoother. One of the most noticeable changes is the new notifications inbox, but there are a lot of things that have been adjusted.

According to Microsoft, it’s easier to set up a new console, which is something many Xbox gamers will appreciate when their systems arrive, and Profile Themes are now available to everyone. Also, your “most recently used” list of items can now include settings and the Microsoft Store, making jumping back and forth to those a bit faster.




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