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Meesha Shafi’s appeal for transfer of defamation suit approved

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Meesha Shafi blamed Ali Zafar for sexual harassment, against her Ali Zafar filed a case of character assassination.


Meesha Shafi appealed for the transfer of a defamation suit filed by Ali Zafar to another court, session’s court in Lahore accepted her appeal.

Now the case will be heard by Judge Amjad Ali Shah, who hold a new date of hearing on May 11.

The application for the transfer had been filed on May 4. In her application, Meesha had expressed distrust in Additional District and Sessions Judge Shakeel Ahmad, who had been hearing the case, she believed the judge was showing favoritism towards Ali.

Meesha also alleged that Justice Ahmad had shown displeasure with her lawyer “for no reason” and consequently penalized him Rs10,000. On these basis, she had requested that the defamation case be reassigned to another court.

Ali Zafar’s Defamation Suit

Denying the allegations, Ali Zafar later filed a defamation suit against Meesha under the Defamation Ordinance 2002. In his suit, Ali has said Meesha leveled “baseless and unfounded” allegations of sexual harassment against him in a tweet posted on April 19, 2018, which apparently spoiled his image and brought agony and distress to his family.

He further complains that Shafi failed to delete the tweet and issue an apology within 14 days of a legal notice being served to her.

He has, subsequently, asked the court to rule against Meesha and direct her to pay Rs one billion in compensations to him.

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