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Lenovo’s 7-inch Google smart display is on sale for $80 at Best Buy

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You’re in luck if you want an affordable, Google-powered smart screen but feel the Nest Hub is too basic for your tastes. Best Buy has discounted Lenovo’s Smart Display 7 to $80, or a good $20 off the usual price. That’s lower than Best Buy’s recent sale price for the Nest Hub, making it a particularly good value — especially given the Smart Display’s extra capabilities.

While both smart screens have 7-inch displays, Lenovo’s model throws in both more powerful speakers as well as a camera with a privacy shutter and microphone mute button. You can use this for more than checking the weather or playing a YouTube video, in other words. While it’s not going to replace a beefy speaker or a larger display like the Nest Hub Max (which does have a camera), it should be more than enough to waft music through a room or keep in touch with friends and family.



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