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Kalash spring festival

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Kalash people perform different traditions at this festival, on Tuesday.


CHITRAL: In Rumbur valley four-day Kalash spring festival, Chilim Jusht, started here on Tuesday.

The Kalash people acknowledged for their primitive culture and their way of living, they properly began the festivities by sprinkling milk on the deity placed in the place of worship and holding the ceremony of chhirpiyak (offering of milk).

The boys and girls sang songs and performed the traditional dance, while men and women of all ages marched to the common dancing place, charsu, in Guru Village and enjoy whole night.

The Kalash people wore traditional clothes and renovated and decorated their houses to make the festival more prestigious.

Tourists from within the country and abroad showed up in large numbers, while many are on the way to the region to play a part in the festival.

Most foreigners belonged to Germany, Greece, Japan and France, who got visa on arrival.

The natural beauty and peacefulness of Bumburate and Rumbur valleys were beyond her imagination, French national Agathe said.

“I found the primitive Kalash people to be how I’d read and heard about them. They are much connected to their culture and civilization,” she added.

The festival will end in Rumbur valley on Wednesday, in Bumburate valley on Thursday and in Birir valley on Friday.

The TCKP has also made arrangements to comfort tourists in their visit to the valleys besides providing services to the Kalash people.

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