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Fri. May 20th, 2022

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Iran, Netherlands hold joint water, waste management workshop in Tehran

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The event is underway in the attendance of the Netherlands Ambassador to Tehran Jacques Werner, Head of Federation of Science and Technology in Islamic countries Mehdi Karimi, an EU expert in financing water and wastes Hessel Schuurman together with a number of Iranian officials from Tehran Municipality.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony, Werner said that ”Iran and Netherlands relations have many dynamics.”

Referring to a recent decision made by 6 European states to join the Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges (INSTEX), he further expressed hope that “this chance will pave the way for greater exchange between Europe and Iran in particular humanitarian and food and later hopefully spread to other sectors.”

He added: “Iran and the Netherlands have  plenty in common.”

“In our planning for next year we are aimed to intensify cooperation and mitigation to climate change,” he reiterated.

Meanwhile, other participants from the EU and Netherlands and also Tehran Municipality delivered their speeches over water and waste management issues as well.

“But the proof of mitigation and adaptation is not so much in the signing of agreements, but in action. In the taking of measures that clean up the environment, provide for affordable and clean energy, purify the air, provide technology for pure water, and indeed the development of techniques to deal with the massive amounts of waste that we produce,” Dutch envoy said.

“I do not want to hide that the Netherlands is behind its climate change obligations. This is all the more a reason to work together,” he noted.
He reiterated: “We can learn from each other. We bring expertise and we take home expertise.”

“We believe in cooperation. Close consultations between companies, academia, and government are the secret of our economic success and of our survival meters below sea level,” Werner stressed.
“We believe that indeed climate change and a true circular economy can only work when the players in this ‘Triple Helix’ play their roles the right way,” he added.


Source: IRNA

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