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iOS 13 can reveal your contact details, the issue has been persistent since July

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This Thursday, iPhone issued a problem in its new operating system iOS 13 where persons contact details can be stored in iPhone without his permission by giving any bio-metric verification or pass codes. At first, this bug was reported in July by one iPhone user.

This is a security breach where hacker can access ones contacts information in address book and can also access recent call logs by just having a possession of a phone.

Jose Rodriguez, a cyber security fan, living in the Canary Islands, contacted Apple on July 3rd telling that he had found a “pass code bypass” and asked if his conclusions would be qualified for an Apple Security Bounty — a program that rewards security researchers who bring bugs to Apple’s attention

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Rodriguez said that Apple heard his advises on time and he was contacted by company’s researchers many times just to discuss that vulnerability on beta version on iOS 13.

Having a doubt, Apple would take to fix the issue as long as it would release a new version of iOS.

It’s confirmed that this issue would be fixed by next version of upcoming iOS 13.1 which is due to be released on September 24th.

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