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In Kentucky governor race, Andy Beshear won

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Andy Beshear who is Democratic Attorney General has defeated his opponent who is Republican challenger, Matt Bevin in Kentucky’s governor election.


The news of Andy Beshear’s win as projected winner was leaked by NBC News. However Beshear had a tough completion with Bevin.


Beshear won most of the votes, he collected 4,658 votes out of more than 1.4 million counted.


However there’s no such role in Kentucky that votes can be recounted but if Bevin wants to recount his number of votes then he has to contact court to take their approval for recount although this would not be exact recount but votes would be checked again.


Beshear also beaten incumbent and Libertarian John Hicks too.



When the race was called Tuesday evening, Beshear had 49.2 percent of the votes and Bevin had 48.8 percent of the votes. Hicks had two percent.


This governor election race was started on Tuesday evening, Beshear started with 49.2 percent of the votes whereas Bevin started with 48.8 percent of the votes. Hicks started with only two present of votes.


Jacqueline Coleman will be joining Beshear as Kentucky’s lieutenant governor.


Beshear showed his plans after becoming governor which includes lower tuition in public universities and expand number of games in Commonwealth.


In October, Beshear debated against Bevin that if he get a chance to win, he will support public school teachers by offering a $2,000 across-the-board pay raise.


In October’s poll Beshear and Bevin both had 46 percent of votes and Hicks had one percent however seven percent of votes was undetermined.


During this governor election campaign, Beshear and Bevin faced off each other in many different places and occasions like debate in University of Kentucky or like debate in Paducah. They both argued on many topics including health, education, care and more.


Beshear as attorney general, held federal funding in his office for its Sexual Assault Cold Case Unit.


In October, Beshear also announced two different drug related settlements of about $40 millions.


Beshear was Kentucky’s 50th attorney general and now he will be the state’s 63rd governor.

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