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Sun. May 22nd, 2022

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First AI World Championship wins Pakistani Family

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A Pakistani family, the Mayets, won the Technology Award on Saturday for discovering Cavity Crusher, a device that uses artificial intelligence to monitor a child’s brushing routines.

The first ever AI World Championship in Santa Clara, USA the Mayets, a Pakistani family take part in the junior division of the AI Family Challenge. The championship carefully chosen families that are using artificial intelligence to solve problems in their societies.

Sana Mehmood is the winning family’s coach was also acknowledged for her hard work in training them.



140 coaches take part with their teams all around the world. Though, merely six were chosen as qualifiers from the US, Uzbekistan, Palestine, Spain, Bolivia and Pakistan.

Cavity Crusher’s algorithm uses the time of brushing to determine a child’s oral health habits. Parents will be alerted if the child has consumed deficient time on brushing. Before the prototype, the family built a model which recognized images of tooth brushing. But they decided that number data could get more precise results.

Season 2 of the championship begins in August 2019 and submissions are due February 2020.

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