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FIFA appointed Normalization Committee for the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF)

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KARACHI: FIFA will be selecting a Normalization Committee for the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) whose vital job is to hold elections of the country’s football governing body and bring an end to a four-year-long disaster that saw the game come to a halt in the country.

While FIFA is accepted the PFF section led by Faisal Saleh Hayat, the domestically-recognized football leader of the country was Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah who was elected as PFF president in an election held on the orders of the Supreme Court in December last year. That election came at the finale of a nearly four-year legal battle over the control of Pakistan’s football but wasn’t acknowledged by FIFA.

FIFA’s decision put away both presidents with the Normalization Committee, it was claimed by the secretary general of the PFF faction led by Hayat that his secretariat will work with the Normalization Committee.

More excitingly, a news make public by the Hayat section on Tuesday that nationwide trials for the Pakistan Under-16 and Under-19 teams for future AFC and SAFF tournaments under Lodhi, who it claims is a “nominated representative” of the Normalization Committee.

FIFA spokesperson said on Tuesday, “The Normalization Committee will be tasked with running the PFF’s daily affairs and overseeing the functioning of the PFF administration”

The fact that the Normalization Committee has been tasked with supervision of the working of the PFF administration, of which Lodhi is part, effectively means that the Hayat will have little part in how the entire election procedure is controlled.

The disapproval was prove in the letter sent to Lodhi notifying him about the decision to appoint a Normalization Committee. It said “The roadmap has never begun to be implemented given the afore-mentioned circumstances of conflict”.

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