Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

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Donald Trump blows out at ‘unacceptable’ Indian tariffs ahead of G20

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On Thursday Donald Trump smashed out at what he called “unacceptable” tariffs implemented by India as the US president headed towards a high-stakes G20 summit expected to be dominated by trade tensions.

President tweeted, “I look forward to speaking with Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi about the fact that India, for years having put very high Tariffs against the United States, just recently increased the Tariffs even further. This is unacceptable and the Tariffs must be withdrawn!”


India spanked higher tariffs on 28 US products following Washington’s withdrawal this month of key trade privileges for New Delhi.

Trump’s statements could get more worsen a trade row that has led to tit-for-tat tariffs from India and the United States and created a restlessness over the depth of their security alliance.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who was in New Delhi on Wednesday, wanted to reduce heightened trade tension with India, promising a renewed focus on negotiating better ties, but giving few specifics of how they would overcome clashes over trade and investment.

Trump scrapped trade privileges for India under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP), under which New Delhi was the biggest beneficiary that allowed duty-free exports of up to $5.6 billion.

India in the beginning issued an order in June previous year to increase import taxes as high as 120 per cent on a slew of US items, incensed by Washington’s denial to exempt it from higher steel and aluminum tariffs.

But New Delhi repetitively delayed increasing tariffs as the two nations engaged in trade talks. Trade between them raised at about $142.1 billion in 2018.


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