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Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

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Dell Mobile Connect now transfers photos between your iPhone and PC

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Dell teased in January that its Mobile Connect software would become much more iPhone-friendly this spring, and it’s honoring that promise. The PC maker has updated Mobile Connect (you’ll need the Microsoft Store and App Store downloads, and officially a 2018 or newer Dell/Alienware PC) to enable both file transfers and screen mirroring for iPhones. The file exchanges are really just limited to photos and videos, but that may be enough if you’re just looking to save your iPhone snaps on your XPS laptop.

Screen mirroring, meanwhile, is what you’d expect. You can see your iPhone’s screen on your PC and control it with your keyboard, mouse or (if you have one) touchscreen. That can be helpful if you want to catch up on an app that doesn’t have a web equivalent.

This improves parity between Android and iPhones in Mobile Connect. And as Windows Central pointed out, this makes Dell’s app a more viable option for iPhone owners than Microsoft’s Your Phone. So long as you’re content to stick with Dell PCs, you may not need more software to get some basic integration.



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