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China to send medical teams to Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Saudi Arabia

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The Chinese government has decided to send teams of medical experts to Ethiopia, Burkina Faso and Saudi Arabia to help the countries fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian announced Wednesday.

China and African countries are longtime brothers who share weal and woe. African countries had supported China during China’s most difficult times fighting the pandemic, which China will never forget, Zhao said at a news briefing, adding that China is paying close attention to the situation of the pandemic in Africa, and has overcome its own difficulties and provided anti-epidemic materials and aid to the African Union and all African countries with diplomatic relations with China.

“These steps are all a reflection of building an even stronger China-Africa community with a shared future,” said the spokesperson.

He said after the outbreak in China, the Saudi leaders immediately expressed their condolences and support. The Saudi government and public have provided China with many batches of aid materials.

Saudi Arabia is also facing severe challenges amid the pandemic. China also firmly supports Saudi Arabia’s anti-epidemic efforts and is willing to provide assistance within its capability, he said.

He said as comprehensive strategic cooperation partners, China will maintain close cooperation with Saudi Arabia to safeguard the safety and health of peoples of the two countries.

The team of Chinese medical experts to Saudi Arabia left for the country Wednesday morning.



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