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Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

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BMW will unveil its iNext electric SUV on November 11th

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BMW will at last show off the production design of its iNext electric vehicle on November 11th. The automaker, which announced the SUV in 2018, is hosting a digital version of its NextGen event next week.

As if BMW hasn’t teased the EV enough, a six-episode “docutainment series” will debut on November 10th in the leadup to the reveal. The event will also include premieres of vehicles from the Motorrad motorcycle division on November 11th and Mini on November 17th.

BMW has kept the iNext’s design hidden during testing by camouflaging it with a body wrap. It’s not clear whether the event will include a look inside the iNext’s finalized interior (and its curved touchscreen) or details on the specs. However, it’s a key step towards the iNext actually hitting the road.



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