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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

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Bangladesh coach regrets for poor luck

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Bangladesh were abolished on Tuesday after losing their fourth match while India, who won by 28 runs, sailed into the last four with a match to spare.

Bangladesh captain beat West Indies, South Africa and Afghanistan, while their match against Sri Lanka was not played due to rain.

Rhodes told reporters after losing with India, “I’m very proud of the way we’ve played against a lot of the big teams, and I think that maybe we’ll be the people’s team for the amount of fight that we’ve shown against some of these big teams.”

“It was pleasing to see some fight. I think it’s a reflection of the team. We’ve only picked up the three victories but we’ve pushed a lot of these big teams throughout the competition and, with a little bit of luck, we may well have been one of these top four.”

Tamim Iqbal dropped the catch of Rohit Sharma on nine, which was their biggest mistakes and Rohit scored his fourth century which gives India to a strong total of 314.

Rhodes refused to blame the fielder instead he admitted it was a big mistake of giving a chance to the tournament’s leading run-scorer.

“I’ve watched a lot of cricket over the years and played a lot of cricket and you know that any drop can be costly. I didn’t know how costly it would be. I was hoping he’d hit another one up in the air a little bit sooner” said the former England Test player.

He added you will have to pay the prices if you give chances to these types of players like Virat Kholi or Rohit Sharma. Again, the person who dropped it was Tamim, and he’s developed into one of our best fielders in the outfield.

“So it was a little bit of a surprise but he’s human, and we’re all human. I’ve dropped lots of catches in my life. I think everybody who’s played the game has dropped catches but sometimes they can be very, very costly, and that one proved to be.”

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