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Astrologer Walter Mercado passed away at the age of 87

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(8th- November – 2019)


On Saturday night, Walter Mercado Salinas who was well known astrologer died at 89 at Auxilio Mutuo Hospital in San Juan.

Mercado show used to air on Spanish language TV where he used to deliver horoscopes info on daily basis and he had been given this great message “lots and lots of love” from decades.

Luquis said that reason of death of Mercado will be announced by his next of kin.


On 9th March 1932, Mercado’s birth took place in travelling ship which was going through Spain to Puerto Rico. Mercado was raised in Puerto Rico and Ponce. He started his career as an actor and as a dancer. He appeared in many TV shows Puerto Rico.


In 1969, Mercado started his career as astrologer.



Mercado became an astrologer by an accident as one day his guest didn’t come on Telemundo show and that time his show producer asked him to fulfil his place and tell the horoscope story which is according to the foundation to the audience.

Mercado started his career as astrologer in 1970 by performing in astrological segment in his Telemundo Puerto Rico show. Then he gradually increased his interests as being an astrologer. In 1980s, his show was broadcasted on many TV channels across Latin America and the United States.


This year, in HistoryMiami museum Mercado’s exhibition was dedicated and according to the survey his viewers list of Latino fans reached to the figure of 120 million which is more than last 30 years.


Mercado used to dress fancy dresses which were usually decorated robes or capes. His reading was also brought with thrilled “r’s” for emphasis.


In 1990, Mercado shifted his program to Univision Miami to perform in “Primer Impacto” news show. Mercado had his own style to end his show by giving the message: “Above all, much, much, much love.”


In 2010, Mercado left Univision. Mercado wrote a horoscope article for the newspaper El Nuevo Herald which is Spanish-language newspaper links to the The Miami Herald. In 2015, Mercado launched his own website on which his fans could ask him a questions and can listen to their horoscope.

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