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Apple’s latest iOS 14.2 beta adds a built-in control for Shazam

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Two years after completing its $400 million acquisition of Shazam, Apple is showing developers what the technology can do when it’s integrated directly with iOS. A version of the iOS 14.2 beta that’s currently in testing includes the ability to add Shazam’s Music Recognition in the Control Center panel.

When enabled, it can recognize audio from both internal and external audio sources, so it’s ready whether something is just playing around you or if you need to identify a song that’s streaming to your AirPods (a feature the Android version added last year).

If you’re running the beta already then you can the button from within your Control Center, then access it by swiping up or down (depending on what model iPhone you have) and just press the button. It’s unclear why deeper integration of the Shazam features took so long, especially for an app that execs mentioned “was one of the first apps available when we launched the App Store” at the time Apple acquired it.



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