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Apple’s iPhone 13 has a smaller notch and bigger battery

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Apple isn’t worried about 13 being an unlucky number. The company just unveiled its latest generation of smartphones, the iPhone 13, and is giving us the rundown on all the changes to this year’s models right now. Unsurprisingly, it looks nearly identical to last year’s iPhone 12, but our first glimpse of it showed a 20-percent smaller notch on the front for Face ID as well as a redesigned back camera module — but by and large, it’s visually nearly identical to the iPhone 12.

More crucially, the iPhone 13 also has a bigger battery, something that should be welcome for both phones, particularly the iPhone 13 mini. Yep, Apple is keeping the smaller phone around this year. Both phones also have 28 percent brighter screens, but Apple says most iPhone 13 mini users will get an extra 1.5 hours of usage, while the standard iPhone 13 will last 2.5 hours longer than the iPhone 12. Given that battery life was probably one of the biggest downsides of last year’s iPhones, this should give users a little relief. The screen sizes are identical to last year: 6.1 inches for the iPhone 13, and 5.4 inches on the iPhone 13 mini.



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