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Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

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Apple may offer tighter iOS parental controls this week

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Apple’s flurry of iOS updates might include one more substantial tweak before the holiday break. Vietnamese carrier Viettel has posted a page that hints at a release for iOS 13.3 (plus a minor watchOS 6.1.1 update) this coming week, most likely on or before December 11th. The new software could represent a big deal for parents thanks to the ability to limit access to contacts in Screen Time — you can specify who your kids can talk to and when. This only applies to voice calls, FaceTime and Messages, but it could be helpful if you’d rather not let your child hold all-night video chats with their friends.

Other improvements will focus more on grown-ups. The new software should support FIDO2 security keys for password-free sign-ins, and you won’t have to put up with Memoji stickers in the keyboard if you just prefer standard emoji. We’d expect a matching iPadOS update, and tvOS 13.3 is expected to allow reverting the Apple TV’s top shelf to show your Up Next queue. While none of these are dramatic changes like iOS 13.2’s Deep Fusion, they should make the end of the year a little rosier if you’re steeped in Apple’s ecosystem.






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