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Apple bundles free Arcade and TV+ access with new device purchases

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Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan - June 05, 2019: New Apple Arcade logotype seen on modern ipad featuring the new subscription model for over 100 groundbreaking new games

For a limited time, if you buy one of the new iPhones or iPads that Apple recently revealed or pick up a Mac or Apple TV, you’ll get three months of free access to Apple Arcade. That’s on top of a promo Apple has been running since last year, through which you’ll receive a one-year Apple TV+ subscription on the house (via 9to5 Mac).

Those freebies are nothing to sniff at. There are some great games on Apple Arcade, and there are quite a few things worth watching on TV+. Apple, of course, is hoping you’ll get hooked on the services and continue subscribing to them for years to come.

Apple has placed more focus on services over the last few years, and they’re increasingly important to the bottom line. Later this fall, the company will roll out Apple One, a subscription bundle that includes Apple Arcade, Music, TV+ and iCloud for $15/month. There’s a $20/month family plan option, while the $30/month Premier option adds News+ and Fitness+ access to the mix.



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