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Amazon’s redesigned Fire TV interface adds user profiles and a new look

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Back when Amazon announced its latest Fire TV products — namely, the third-generation Fire TV Stick ($40) and the Fire TV Stick Lite ($30) — it also said it was going to roll out a new Fire TV interface this year. Well, that time has finally arrived. Not only does the Fire TV UI have a new look, it has a few additional features such as the addition of User Profiles. According to Amazon, these changes are all aimed at improving content discovery and making it easier to find what you want.

The most obvious UI change is simply in the way it looks. For example, there is now a new “Home” destination page, with a Main Menu navigation bar in the center of the screen plus various show recommendations arranged underneath it.

That aforementioned navigation bar includes a scrolling list of your favorite streaming apps, as well as separate tabs for your Library, the aforementioned Home screen, a page for Live programming and, last but not least, a new Find page. The latter offers up a whole new way to search for content, across recommended categories as well as content types (that includes movies, tv shows and more).

Another new feature is the ability to have up to six User Profiles for different members of your household. This way, you can customize the experience and exactly which channels you want, depending on whose profile it is.

The new Fire TV UI will roll out to the Fire TV Stick (third-gen) and Fire TV Stick Lite over the coming weeks, with an eventual roll out to other Fire TV devices early next year.



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